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eBook Organizer 4.0
eBook Organizer 4.0 | 3.17 MB

Do you have thousands (oh well, maybe less than that) of PDF eBooks saved somewhere on your computer that you even forget to read? eBook Organizer manages eBook files for you so that you can find and access the right book much easier than ever!
Key Features:

* Scan computer for existing eBook documents.
* Download book information (e.g. title, author, cover image, ISBN, publisher, publish date, etc).
* Manage eBook files (i.e. PDF, DOC, RTF, TXT, CHM, MP3, LIT, EBO, and any user-defined file types).
* Manage hard copy books.
* Monitor computer for new eBooks downloaded or created and add new eBooks to your library automatically.
* Consolidate your eBook files to a centralized directory.
* Attach your own comments to each book.
* Search for books in library by title, author, cover image, ISBN, publisher, publish date, etc.
* Export books library to HTML or Excel CSV report.
* Read PDF files within the program.
* Share eBook library database among multiple Windows users/***s.
* Support book detail view and cover image view.
* Support unlimited user-defined eBook document file types.
* Support unlimited levels of user-defined categories.
* Support unlimited number of books in each category.
* Support same book in multiple categories.
* Support drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer.

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