Sunday, October 23, 2011

Posted by FX. Made Setianto
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FotoMix 8.6.1 (+ Portable)
FotoMix 8.6.1 (+ Portable) | 7.09 MB

FotoMix - program to create original collages from your digital photos. The program allows you to create collages from one or more photos with the addition of labels and interesting graphic inserts. The user can make posters, desktop wallpaper, attractive images, holiday and greeting cards, covers for CD and DVD discs. Tools allow you to adjust the program and improve your digital photos, fix various defects, replace or remove the background, leaving only the desired user of the image.

• Delete, add or change background.
• Add or remove your not very close with your photos.
• Attractive design collages, illustrations, wallpapers, CD and DVD covers, and other Web graphics.
• Create photo montages by combining multiple images into a unique image with a retrospective birth relics, weddings, anniversaries, etc.



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