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Mungkin agak terlambat karena software ini sudah ada agak lama tetapi manfaatnya sungguh sangat bermanfaat hingga saat ini. Saya sudah mencoba sendiri program ini dan berhasil 100%.
Program ini adalah program recovery data untuk harddisk yang terformat, data yang terdelete atau partisi yang eror sehingga tak terbaca oleh komputer.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional is a one-stop solution to retrieve lost data in all its aspects designed for all Windows platforms.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional recovers deleted files or folders even when they have been emptied from the Recycle Bin. Unlike most other products, it restores files from deleted, lost or missing partitions or formatted logical disks. The type of the file system doesn't really matter as the program recovers from all of them: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS/NTFS5, and EXT2/EXT3, and it just for starters! The program supports IDE/ATA, SATA, SCSI, USB, Fire wire (IEEE1394) hard disk and other media, such as Floppy disk, USB flash drive, or digital camera.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional ensures safe and precise file recovery against numerous threats like: Drives that have been formatted or overwritten, Corrupt or missing critical file system structures, File deletion, Application crash, Computer viruses and worms, Partitioning or boot-up problems, Damage due to a power failure or surge and so on.

When the data loss disaster strikes, that when Data Recovery Wizard does its amazing job. Let say you formatted a USB flash drive and only a few minutes later discover that there was a copy of an important document you wrote all night long. No problem. You run Data Recovery Wizard, choose the Complete File Recovery option, select the USB flash drive from the list of all available storage devices, set its file system type (FAT 16, FAT 32, or NTFS) and click Next. The program will scan the media, detect all lost or deleted files and let you select the one you want to recover. The last step is to recover the file and save it to the required folder. Thats pretty much you need to do. Compared to other software, Data Recovery Wizard does its recovery job much faster and in a more elegant manner, making recovery fun to do.

New Features:

* Enhanced support for Windows Vista.

* Recovers loss data in EXT2 and EXT3 file system.

* Recovers files from corrupted Ext2 and Ext3 partition.

* Creates a Disk Image file for data recovery.

* Intelligent search all possible file systems on hard drive.

* Ability to resume the last recovery result.

* High quality of file recovery.

* Succinct and user friendly interface.

* Recovers a specific file by right-click.

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