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Maple 8
Maple adalah sejenis software yang bisa digunakan bagi pengajar maupun calon pengajar Matematika serta bagi siswa sekolah menengah dan mahasiswa. Klik di sini untuk download!

Maple 8
Released: 2002
Available resources:

Summary of features introduced in Maple 8

World Class Symbolics, Rock Solid Numerics
Vector Calculus Package Powerful tools for working with vector fields and computing integrals in higher dimensions. Complements the Linear Algebra Package.
Scientific Constants Database with 13,000 Built-in Constants Scientists and engineers can include scientific constants in their computations without having to consult web sites, tables or reference books.
Improved ODE and PDE Solvers Scientists and researchers can solve even more complicated systems.
NAG-Based Numerical Integration for Higher Dimensions More efficient numerical computation.
Variational Calculus Package
Matrix Polynomial Algebra Package
SNAP Package
More tools for research mathematics.
Knowledge Capture and Deployment
Maplets Developers can now build custom graphical interfaces to their Maple applications. Users of those applications can harness the power of Maple without seeing or needing to understand Maple syntax.
Interactive Plot Builder Users can create Maple plots without knowledge of Maple syntax.
Spell Checker Users can check spelling in the worksheet.
Java Code Generation
Java External Calling
Java programmers can export Maple solutions to the Java language and import Java programs into Maple applications.
E-Mailing Worksheets Users can e-mail the current worksheet from within Maple.
Student Calculus 1 Package A dedicated package for learning and teaching calculus. Powerful visualization and computation routines help students understand faster and better.
Numberic PDE BVP Solver Classic heat and wave equations can now be solved and visualized quickly in one step instead of dozens.



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